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Materials and Construction

Our factory is located in Xiamen China – just across the water from Taiwan and a hub of carbon manufacturing, especially in the bike industry. The rims are manufactured in our factory then wheelsets are built and decals are baked on all in house in Xiamen. We ship our wheels direct to you from our factory and they usually arrive about 5 business days after manufacture is complete.

All wheelsets are laced and trued in our factory using the Holland Mechanics OT and then meticulously checked and tensioned by hand. Each spoke is checked for proper tension and every wheel is worked on to ensure true, evenly tensioned wheels.

We use two brands of hubs in our wheelsets for simplicity. DT Swiss 350 and 240 hubsets with or without the 54t star ratchet upgrade and our own ROOST Chosen hubs which offer unparalleled engagement with a full 150 points of engagement (these hubs are LOUD!).

Our carbon rims are made consistently and carefully with the following features:

  • We use high modulus, prepreg carbon fiber in all layups to ensure a high strength to weight ratio.
  • The nipple bed is reinforced with a curved carbon strip to ensure that each nipple is equally strong despite the spoke pull angle.
  • All rim molds use curved airbags to ensure a smooth inside wall of the rim and consistent curing so that strength is maintained throughout the rim’s circumference.

Rim Width

The carbon rims we build our wheelsets with are all wider than many other rim manufacturers (for the equivalent application). Our lightest, narrowest rim is still 27.5mm wide on the inside. Our widest is 42mm wide on the outside and 35mm wide on the inside. The extra wide rims have a number of advantages over traditional narrow rims, including:

  • A wider rim means more air volume in your tire provides a more dynamic, supple ride. Just like having a higher air volume in your suspension provides better suspension characteristics, more volume (not pressure) in your tire does the same.
  • Wider rims square off your tire and create a larger contact patch between your tread and the ground. More tread equals more traction on the up and the down.
  • Wider rims make your sidewall more straight because there is less curvature to accommodate a rim narrower than your tire’s tread. A straighter, more “standup” sidewall means more stability and less burping when running tubeless.
  • Better strength-to-weight ratio. The wider profile on the rim means that less material is needed to achieve the same strength. In addition, your tire will “act wider” and so you can use a smaller tire to achieve the same results as a larger tire – and save weight in the process.

Here is some additional reading about the benefits of wider wheels:

Asymmetrical Rim Profile

Your axles are asymmetrical, why shouldn’t your rims be too?

The 3m spoke offset of our asymmetrical design (available on all wheelsets except our DH layup rims) means that the spoke lengths for the drive and non-drive side are more equal and so can be tensioned more equally to achieve a higher overall spoke tension and stiffness for the entire wheel.

Combined with our consistent and meticulous wheel-building process, this ensures that each wheels will be extremely durable and maintenance free for as long as possible.

The squat, 25mm vertical height of the rim profile means that forces will be distributed across the profile of the rim more readily and lessen the possibility of pinch flats or “snakebite”.

Warranty and Crash Replacement

The ROOST Limited Warranty and Crash Replacement Policy

At ROOST we understand that equipment failures, especially on a trip, are extremely frustrating. We are 100% confident that our wheels will stand up to all the abuse you give them and keep your whip rolling down the trail.

But, s*** happens. And the keep you riding we have two policies – our Limited Warranty and Crash Replacement. Read on.

Limited Warranty

When you buy a set of ROOST wheels we want you to have an excellent experience purchasing, setting up, and using your wheelset. We provide a one year warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects covering workmanship, parts, and materials which fail under normal use.

During this initial period ROOST will correct the issue through repair or replacement at no cost. Our warranty will cover you if we screwed up – if you pop a spoke hole out of the rim – if a rim fails at a seam – if your wheelset has imperfections in the carbon – etc.

Crash Replacement

You ride your bike on dirt and rocks. Rocks are hard. Bikes go fast. Bikes fly through the air. The air is soft but when you land on rocks, the rocks are hard and sharp. Sometimes you tear a sidewall, flat, and smash a rim. Our rims are extremely strong and it takes a lot to break them but sometimes s*** happens.

If you break a rim because you smashed it on a rock, run over it with your VW van, or for any other reason – we offer a Crash Replacement purchase option. Send us photos of your busted rim and $225 gets you a new one just as soon as we can get one shipped out to you.

We want these policies to be clear, simple, and centered around the real world of riding bikes – if you have a question, please ask!

Rim and Wheel Weights

Our LIGHT rims are 27.5mm wide on the inside (inner width) and 33mm wide on the outside. They weight 370 grams per rim for the 650b/27.5 and 390 grams per rim for 29 inch.

Our FAST rims are 31mm wide on the inside (inner width) and 37mm wide on the outside. They weight 420 grams per rim for the 650b/27.5 and 450 grams per rim for 29 inch.

Our WIDE rims are 35mm wide on the inside (inner width) and 42mm wide on the outside. They weight 460 grams per rim for the 650b/27.5 and 495 grams per rim for 29 inch.

Our STRONG rims are 33mm wide on the inside (inner width) and 38mm wide on the outside. They weight 480 grams per rim for the 650b/27.5 and 500 grams per rim for 29 inch.

Full wheelsets vary greatly in weight due to all the options for hubs, spokes, etc. As one example, our WIDE rims with DT Swiss 350s hubs (28 hole) and Sapim Race spokes weigh about 1725 grams for the 650b/27.5 and 1795 grams for the 29 inch.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I am riding on both the wide trail rim and the DH rim. The stiffness of the DH rims is amazing and the traction provided by the wide trail rim is awesome. These rims ride incredible, the new Roost Chosen rubs have an amazing engagement that supply’s instantaneous power delivery. Over all i have been very happy with the performance from both the wide trail and DH wheels set and impressed by the value of these products!

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